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GoSeason is an athletic / fitness apparel company that was founded in Baltimore, MD. GoSeason was established in 2015 by 3 partners. These partners came up with the slogan “GoSeason” that was used to keep them motivated through all of  their trials and tribulations. That term “GoSeason” turned into the brand that we have all come to love today. 


The brand started its journey by selling wristbands as its first items. This small item led to what we all have come to know as the athletic brand “GoSeason.”

No matter what obstacle you may face, what hardship you may go through, always believe that YOU can achieve whatever you set your mind to! 

Our mission is to design the best fitness apparel that does not only has style but has a purpose. 

Only You Can Limit You

What We Believe In 

As the company continues to grow, we want to instill into all of clients what was instilled back in 2015. We want to instill the “GoSeason” mindset, which is staying motivated through the bad, overcoming whatever obstacle you may face, and going after whatever, you want because you have the ability to. The “GoSeason” mindset is more than athletic, it is universal!

Moving Forward

The products that we release are the combination of passion and storytelling. Each garment that the athlete puts on is a symbol of the story they carry and goal they want to achieve. In order to remain at the forefront of both, we need to steadily progress in style, technology  and remain authentic. 

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